Friday, September 13, 2013

Ryan Homes Interesting Development...

I'm surprised it happened and then again I'm not surprised.  I've followed Ryan Homes on Facebook and have left a comment here and there regarding issues we've had.  I never have gotten a direct response from the comments but I know they work there way to the right people...  When Ryan last posted, I noticed there was no "Like" or "Comments" links and I thought hmmm that's strange.  I looked at other posts and those options were no longer showing up.  My wife looked at the post and she has the "Like" and "Comments" links showing.  I had a suspicion before my wife looked that I had been Banned by Ryan from interacting with their Facebook page but this confirmed it.  I called one of our neighbors who has also been posing here and there about issues and they are banned as well.  Not only were we banned but it appears that our posts were deleted!  I could see if we posted incorrect or unprofessional posts but when we post about real problems we're having we should not be banned.  This is really disappointing and essentially is hiding problems from all of the visits to their Facebook page.  Apparently the policy must be to allow people to post as much as they want as long as it's all positive and there will be no tolerance for anyone posting truthful information if it isn't positive.  Stay tuned for more details about the problems we commented about that got us and our neighbors banned from Facebook...


  1. That is interesting. I am going to check my "status" with them.

  2. This might be far fetched, but do you happen to have a picture of your home since you built? We are thinking of doing elevation L and front car garage too. Thanks!

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