Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oh Ryan Homes...

We received the answer about our Board & Batten and were surprised what it was.  Wes (our sales rep) went to bat for us and did everything he could but Ryan will not give us any other options for Board & Batten color.  We really like the color of the siding, but we aren't happy being forced into have the same color Board & Batten.  Through this whole process we have been completely open with Wes (probably more than he would like at times lol) and told him that we feel so strongly that if we can't get the color Board & Batten we want (or alternatively Shake siding) we would rather have no Board & Batten and then we would install the color we wanted ourselves after closing.  He mentioned this to the Ryan Homes management team and unfortunately they won't allow us another color choice (we have no choice on Board & Batten - we get the same color as our siding) and won't  leave it unfinished (I'm assuming code reasons).  Even after we told them that we would simply be tearing it off after closing and replacing it with another color they wouldn't budge.  Now we will need to order the right Board & Batten from Plygem and pay to have it installed after we move in.  This is ridiculous but apparently we have no other choice.

In another Ryan community, someone complained about the color and they were allowed to install Shake siding the color they wanted after they complained enough.  We would love the have Shake but Ryan would not approve that either so we're back to tearing it off and replacing at our own cost.  Having no color choice and no flexability when spending thousands on the elevation we selected is a very strange and unsound business decision on Ryan Homes part.  We would be willing to even pay the difference in the cost between the Shake and siding if the Board & Batten were not available but to our dismay, Ryan Homes has said no and has given no explanation.  Being in business myself, this drives me crazy because I go out of my way to make sure my customers get what they need when they need it.  Baffling....  At least we have Wes there to help us and if it weren't for him we would not be as happy as we are with Ryan Homes (NOT happy with the management I want to be clear)...  We can at least address this in our survey at the end so we can ding the management on this...

Enough venting :)


  1. So sorry to hear you are going through this. Sometimes their answers on things just don't make sense.

  2. That is very disappointing. And I'm actually a little surprised at their response. The only two colors they offer are beige and gray. You just get a choice of what shade of beige or gray you'd like. So really, everyone has the same color anyway. Have you thought about changing elevations? I found a photo online that is similar to the cottage elevation. http://myrochesteragent.idxco.com/idx/2831/details.php?idxID=352&listingID=R168224
    It's a little more craftsman than cottage, but if you like it enough, maybe it will save you the hassle and money of having the board and batten replaced after closing. Just a thought. Either way - you'll have a gorgeous home! The Victoria Falls was on our short list of floorplans - I'm happy to hear that someone is building one in the neighborhood!

  3. That is a shame, just like any business Im sure they are only concerned about their bottom line and if they cant make enough profit they wont do it. --Ericka